Criminal Appeals

If you or a family member are convicted of a crime, it can seem overwhelming and confusing on how to proceed. The experienced appellate attorneys of Clouthier Cooperstein PLLC can guide you through the criminal appellate process while identifying potential errors to try to obtain an acquittal, a new trial, or a resentencing. As a former career federal prosecutor with 25 years of federal experience, Ted Cooperstein has extensive experience to aid in analyzing the record of a criminal trial to find all flaws and mistakes of the prosecutors or the court. Likewise, Susan Clouthier, with ample experience on the defense side, has had numerous successful outcomes in difficult criminal appeals. The attorneys at Clouthier Cooperstein have the experience necessary to achieve the best possible result on appeal.

Both the Mississippi and the United States federal court systems have special courts to review and correct errors in the trial courts. But there are time limits and particular rules of procedure governing any appeal from a criminal conviction, so it is important that you timely seek an appellate lawyer’s guidance to evaluate your case. Our attorneys can consult with you to determine what issues and strategies may prevail on appeal to attempt to change the outcome of your criminal case. Whether you have gone through an entire jury trial to a verdict, or even pleaded guilty but disagreed with the final sentence, it is possible that Clouthier Cooperstein attorneys can help.

In Mississippi state courts, all trial courts appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court. The Mississippi Supreme Court may hear the case directly or choose to refer it first to the Mississippi Court of Appeals, whose decision then can also be reviewed by the Mississippi Supreme Court. The final resort to any state Supreme Court ruling lies thereafter in the petition to the United States Supreme Court. Clouthier Cooperstein can advise, represent, and assist you in each one of these critically important steps.

Federal criminal convictions in the United States District Courts for both the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi are appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Clouthier Cooperstein attorneys are familiar and accomplished practitioners in this federal court. Susan Clouthier has a successful record representing numerous defendants in their appeals before the Fifth Circuit. Also, as a former career Assistant United States Attorney, most recently in the Southern District of Mississippi, Ted Cooperstein gained the familiarity and experience with the federal criminal justice system to review every aspect of your case, from the investigation through the indictment, pretrial motions and jury trial, to the sentencing and judgment. Attorney Cooperstein also has a successful record on criminal appeals before the Fifth Circuit.

No matter where in the State of Mississippi your trial or conviction took place, our office in Ridgeland, Mississippi, is convenient to present your appeal to either the Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals in Jackson, or before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Client Reviews

I want to thank Susan for all the work and help in a rare US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals case. Big victory for myself and my son. Thank you for taking the time and believing in what is right.

Ronald C.

Through my personal litigation journey, I've had many issues which led me into appealing my case. Unfortunately, it took me appealing my case to find a law firm with integrity, one that had my best interest at...

Larry W.

Ted is one of the finest legal minds I have encountered in my 35 year career as an attorney in Federal Practice. I would recommend him to my own clients for appellate work without hesitation.

William L.

Susan was communicative, understanding, and always took the time to explain to us when we were unsure of anything. She kept us abreast of the case as soon as she heard any news and I am happy to say because of...

Tori D.

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