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Mississippi Appeals Lawyers

Mississippi Criminal and Civil Appeals Lawyers

Susan J. Clouthier, a respected appellate industry leader from Texas, joined forces with Theodore “Ted” Cooperstein, a career federal prosecutor with nationwide experience, to form a “dream team” appellate litigation boutique firm to serve the people of the State of Mississippi. Attorney Clouthier, after developing an extremely successful appellate practice in Texas, felt a calling to bring her expertise and empathetic appellate advocacy to Mississippi. Attorney Cooperstein, having served as a prosecutor for much of his career, and having earned a reputation for being fair and just, turned to helping those who did not receive a fair and just result. Clouthier Cooperstein, PLLC offers the unique combination of Susan’s skill as an appellate advocate representing appellants and defendants and Ted’s extensive experience as a federal prosecutor to provide well-rounded perspective and excellence for presenting cases on appeal.

Attorneys Clouthier and Cooperstein recognize the magnitude and importance of their roles in the Mississippi legal community. Appeals are often the last chance to unravel an unfair outcome to prevent injustice. The attorneys take this responsibility extremely seriously, bringing passion and innovation to every case, and treating each client’s case with attention, concern, and individuality. As a result of their dedication, they have obtained impressive results in both state and federal court.

Appeals are highly complex, and the odds of winning are not generally in your favor, therefore having the right attorneys on your side is essential. Indeed, the judge or jury sometimes makes mistakes, therefore engaging the assistance of attorneys with extensive knowledge of appeals is vital to achieving a positive outcome in your case. The appellate process is also frustrating and full of twists and turns, and the attorneys at Clouthier Cooperstein have the ability to help navigate the process and offer first-rate service and superior work product.

Clouthier Cooperstein handles appellate matters in Mississippi in both state and federal court, including the Supreme Court of the United States. The founding attorneys have collectively handled over one hundred appellate cases in their careers and have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle any appellate case, no matter the difficulty. They know how the system is supposed to work.

Criminal Appeals

Once a conviction becomes final, the criminal justice system makes it extremely difficult to get a new trial or an acquittal. When defendants in Mississippi are deprived of a constitutionally fair trial, they need an experienced and compassionate criminal appellate lawyer on their side. The attorneys scrutinize each stage of the case, carefully evaluating the indictment, pre-trial hearings, jury trial, and sentencing for errors. The lawyers then prepare a concise and well-written brief to the court in an effort to obtain a more favorable outcome.

The attorneys have handled diverse convictions on appeal, including convictions for murder, aggravated assault, sexual assault, injury to a child, robbery, narcotics possession and trafficking, domestic violence, RICO, various weapon offenses, intoxication related offenses, misdemeanor offenses, and a number of white-collar crimes and other offenses.

The Mississippi Appeals Lawyers at Clouthier Cooperstein have the knowledge and experience to help traverse the appeals process to try to obtain justice in criminal appeals in both state and federal courts in Mississippi. Attorneys Clouthier and Cooperstein also have a deep passion for keeping the justice system in check. There are numerous considerations when determining the best route to take, and deadlines come quickly, thus obtaining appellate counsel soon after a conviction is crucial. Set up a consultation with us to determine whether our firm can help.

Civil Appeals

The Mississippi Appeal Lawyers at Clouthier Cooperstein are also uniquely equipped to handle almost any civil appellate matter due to their extensive involvement in a multitude of practice areas. The attorneys have appealed cases involving complex business commercial and financial suits, various federal and state tort claims, civil rights cases dealing with governmental or qualified immunity, breach of contract, landowner disputes, injunctions, civil or criminal contempt proceedings, disputes over personal property, will contests, intellectual property disputes, defamation, and personal injury, among others.

If you or your business must appeal an improper jury verdict, court judgment, or defend your verdict on appeal, it is imperative to have an attorney with intimate knowledge of the appellate process who possesses the skill necessary to prevail at the appellate court. Civil appeals often have a number of procedural and substantive landmines that you will likely encounter along the way, thus having experienced appellate lawyers is a must.

Why Choose Clouthier Cooperstein, PLLC?

The boutique appellate firm of Clouthier Cooperstein focuses exclusively on appellate matters, affording the lawyers the ability to provide exceptional service and representation to their clients. With appellate rules constantly evolving, having the resources and ability to focus on excelling in appeals offers clients a unique and valuable asset to bring into their appellate litigation.

The Mississippi Appellate Lawyers limit their caseload so that each client’s matter receives sufficient attention to present the most compelling arguments to the appeals court. Our lawyers are deeply passionate about helping people the justice system has failed and being a part of something larger than themselves, and to set the law straight for others in the future.

Combining the experience of both partners, the firm’s clients have the benefit of all-encompassing representation. Clouthier Cooperstein combines (1) extensive involvement on both sides of civil appellate disputes, (2) a variety of criminal defense appellate matters, (3) in-depth perspective of the Government in criminal and civil appellate matters, and (4) valuable experience working for judges in courts of appeals.

Conveniently located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, you may set up an in-person consultation with the attorneys at Clouthier Cooperstein. The attorneys also offer virtual and phone consultations for the convenience of their clients. Clouthier Cooperstein serves clients on appeal throughout the state of Mississippi, including all counties and federal districts. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Client Reviews

I want to thank Susan for all the work and help in a rare US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals case. Big victory for myself and my son. Thank you for taking the time and believing in what is right.

Ronald C.

Through my personal litigation journey, I've had many issues which led me into appealing my case. Unfortunately, it took me appealing my case to find a law firm with integrity, one that had my best interest at...

Larry W.

Ted is one of the finest legal minds I have encountered in my 35 year career as an attorney in Federal Practice. I would recommend him to my own clients for appellate work without hesitation.

William L.

Susan was communicative, understanding, and always took the time to explain to us when we were unsure of anything. She kept us abreast of the case as soon as she heard any news and I am happy to say because of...

Tori D.

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